Why BillyGo? We Make Scheduling Easy

Schedule the hour for your HVAC and plumbing services in Dallas-Fort Worth metro area with the billyGO app. A billyGO licensed plumber or AC technician will be there within 59 minutes of your scheduled time, or we discount your bill for every minute after that.

By Appointment for Convenience

With billyGO, you schedule the appointment time for HVAC and plumbing services and we show up then. No worries about an office person getting the message wrong or making a typo; you have a direct link through the billyGO app to the plumber or AC tech who will do the work.

Full Transparency

On arrival, the technician will assess the situation, explain it in plain language, and show you what the guaranteed cost will be before commencing work. The billyGO app creates your invoice and processes secure payment through a third-party bank. We retain none of your bank card information.

The Way Home Services Should Be

Finally, there’s an air conditioning and plumbing company in the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area that values your time as much as its own. Our app will provide the name and photo of the tech as soon as the appointment is confirmed. It also tracks the truck’s location in real time for you. billyGO will change the way you schedule plumbing services and air conditioning maintenance and installation.

The BillyGo Difference

BillyGo VS The Other Guys

Service Area For Appointments

billyGO’s service area is expanding fast in the northern parts of the Dallas/Fort Worth metro area. To schedule service fast, professional AC and plumbing services at the time you are available, use this service scheduling tool or get the billyGO app for iOS and Android mobile devices.

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