Imagine the time you can save by scheduling your own plumbing service appointment when it fits YOUR schedule, not ours. Get the free BillyGo app and schedule your own APPointment to the day and hour. No long phone calls or being put on hold, and no more blocking off half a day or more to wait for your plumber to make it to Trophy Club.

We keep our overhead low by automating business processes and putting you in control of your time. We arrive within your scheduled one-hour service window or we compensate you for your wasted time by discounting our bill.

All Residential Plumbing Services for Trophy Club

Water heater repair and maintenance is always near the top of our appointment list. A quality storage tank water heater should last up to 12 years, if properly maintained. Our licensed plumbers will clean out the mineral sediment that collects in the bottom of the tank, robbing you of hot water. For more about this, see our water heater repair page.

You seldom need sewer line repair, but when you do it’s the kind of problem that literally shuts off your water. A clogged sewer line affects all parts of your home because any water you run will back up into fixtures and possibly overrun onto floors. BillyGo’s plumbers are trained and equipped to make a diagnosis and sewer line repair on the same service call.

Of course, most of our work is not emergency plumbing. We also help with bathroom remodeling and renovation projects. You don’t need to tear out walls to spruce up the eye appeal of a bathroom. Something as simple as bathtub faucet replacement can give a bathroom an updated look at minimal cost.

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To set your APPointment in Trophy Club with a BillyGo technician, download the free BillyGo app and schedule now. Remember, YOU set the day and time so you can go about your day, instead of waiting around the house for hours. You’ll love the convenience of scheduling – it requires only a few minutes but saves you hours every time!