If billyGO seems too good to be true, we say it’s about time the home service industry put the customer first! We focus on helping our customers with our app-based approach that puts you in control of your time.

It only takes a few minutes to get the free billyGO app for iOS and Android, but it saves you hours every time you use it. You select the date and time our employee arrives. All billyGO techs are our employees, not contractors, and each has had a background check and drug testing.

If we should be more than 59 minutes late, we will discount our bill as compensation for wasting your time. Your days of waiting around half a day for a plumber or air conditioning tech to show up are over, thanks to billyGO.

All Residential Plumbing Services

We do a lot of hot water heater repair, maintenance and replacement work in Southlake on all makes and models. Considering the life expectancy of a storage tank water heater is 8-12 years, it pays to maintain them well to get the most from them. When it’s the time to replace, billyGO sells and installs storage tank heaters and tankless water heaters at very attractive prices.

Bathroom plumbing projects are popular here, too, including sink installations and faucet replacements for upgrades and remodeling jobs. Unstopping clogged toilets and drains are two of our specialties. Your BillyGo plumber not only will get water flowing as it should, but also help you take steps to prevent further clogs.

We advocate regular maintenance you can do yourself with environmentally-safe biological drain cleaners that are safe and effective. Never use harsh liquid chemical drain cleaners, which are marginally effective and can damage your plumbing system. Please see this How to Unclog a Drain blog post to see some things you can do yourself.

Air Conditioning Repair and Installation for Southlake

billyGO’s superior technology and streamlined business processes enable us to serve you fast with top HVAC professionals. That’s especially important for making air conditioning repairs when temperatures are in the high 90s, as they are for months on end each year in North Texas.

Unfortunately, a lot of the AC problems with encounter could have been prevented. Many stem from faulty installation, poor service procedures by other air conditioning companies, and inadequate homeowner maintenance. The most common installation problem we see is failure to properly seal air ducts. The result is you end up air conditioning your attic instead your living space.

If your AC system is running but not cooling the house, poor duct sealing could be the cause, but it could be dirty air filters restricting the air flow. That puts stress on other parts of your air conditioning system, which can cause them to fail prematurely.

To be safe, schedule billyGO to check your home’s air conditioning in the spring and heating equipment in the fall. Regular, professional maintenance is an investment, not an expense – and you will be more comfortable all the while!

Get the Free billyGo App to Set Your Plumbing APPointment

Take back control of your time by scheduling air conditioning and plumbing services in Southlake with the proprietary (and free) billyGO. There are no time-killing phone calls and no garbled communications. billyGO’s automation dramatically reduces overhead to keep prices low, too. Get the free billyGO app for iOS and Android mobile devices now.