1 Homeowner Schedules an Appointment

Customers schedule location, date and one-hour time window for service using BillyGo’s proprietary app. No customer phone calls.

2 BillyGo App Sends Appointment Info

The BillyGo app algorithm considers locations and status of techs, notifies the one best able to arrive at the customer’s selected time. Tech sends confirmation message via the app.

3 Drive to the Rescue

The app guides you to your next call you via best route. Your message to customers includes your name and photo, and it tracks your location – no phones, no dispatchers.

4 Fix & Finalize

Tech performs diagnostics, then provides flat-rated price and gets customer acceptance with app. When finished, the app handles invoicing and payment.

5 Repeat – or Not

Receive your next assignment and repeat, or take time to handle personal business; it’s up to you. Log in again when ready and receive your next appointment. That’s how BillyGo works.

Frequently Asked Questions

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