1 You Schedule an APPointment with the App

Use the billyGO app to tell us your location, nature of the problem, and the date and time to be there. No time-killing phone calls required.

2 billyGO App Sends APPointment Info

The billyGO app assigns the job to the plumbing or AC tech whose schedule and location make the best match. The tech sends you a confirmation message with name and photo. No surprises for you.

3 Receive Updates

Your plumber/tech receives job information and map routing from the app. You can track location and arrival status. We arrive within one hour of scheduled time or we start discounting from your bill.

4 Plumber Fixes the Problem

Tech diagnoses, explains options and then provides guaranteed price for the HVAC or plumbing work. You approve and sign work order with app on plumber’s tablet computer.

5 Payment and Receipt

When work is completed, you review, approve and pay with bank card, receive paid receipt instantly via email. Payments are processed by third-party bank; we store no payment information. People love air conditioning and plumbing by APPointment with billyGO!

Frequently Asked Questions

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